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Veronica began her yoga journey practising Ashtanga yoga (over 15 years ago), and now practises and teaches vinyasa yoga. Her training with inspiring, highly aware and knowledgeable teachers such as Tiffany Cruikshank, Kathryn Budig, Briohnny Smyth and Dice lida Klein and Victor Chng changed her yoga journey for the better, especially after being told that she would never be able to practice yoga again!

The Lotus Room, Yoga Studio is a boutique studio that allows students to reap the benefits of smaller class numbers so that students are  not just a number, but are taught individually in a group situation.  

Veronica’s teaching style focuses on the safety and wellbeing of the student and a sense of play whilst learning.  Classes are small and intimate to encourage one on one attention and good quality teaching.

The studio was named to reflect the qualities of the blossoming lotus flower, which is seen not only as a symbol of  beauty and grace, but also as a symbol of resilience and strength.   

The lotus flower comes from the depths of the waterbed, experiencing challenges on the way before it blooms with BEAUTY on the surface of the water.

The process of building STRENGTH first is important for joint stability and a strong base to move from.  

RESILIENCE is required to move through the many challenges that we face to finally surface as an individual with both BEAUTY AND GRACE.

The Lotus Room, Yoga Studio is a manifestation of these qualities, which are also reflected in the way Veronica teaches yoga.

Veronica teaches both a fun and engaging, dynamic vinyasa yoga class, to create strength and to generate internal heat to detoxify the body, and a more gentle and nuturing restorative/yin yoga class focusing on gentle stretching and relaxation.



Veronica is a registered teacher with both Yoga Australia and a STOTT PILATES®  trained instructor, and has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  She is currently completing studies in Sports Science at UWA.

Further STOTT PILATES® training sees the addition of both MAT PILATES, Total Barre™ and most recently, MEDICINE BALL INTERVAL TRAINING at the studio.